Breaking Bad – “Felina” Review

It is 9:00AM, the morning after the grand finale of the beloved AMC drama Breaking Bad and I am at a loss for words, but compelled to say goodbye.  Let ...


Jack White, Live and in Person at the Ryman Auditorium

all photos courtesy of http://www.jackwhiteiii.com Once upon a time in the summer of 2003, I held a ticket to see the White Stripes at the Ryman in my sweaty palm… until ...


“The World Spins”…An Interview with Julee Cruise!

Ever since I began conducting interviews on this site, it’s been a dream of mine to speak with Julee Cruise, well known for her collaborations with David Lynch and Angelo ...



Exclusive Interview with Erik Stolhanske of Broken Lizard and P90x!

Today’s special interview guest is none other than the talented and inspirational Erik ...

Catching up with “The Lady in the Radiator”, Laurel Near!

First in a long line of iconic characters singing cryptic and striking ...
Mark 1

Exclusive Interview with Twin Peaks Co-Creator Mark Frost!

It is an honor and a privilege today to share with you ...

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In Memoriam: Ultimate Warrior

I’ve been a professional wrestling fan (off and on) since the fall of 1990. The first WrestleMania I ever watched was the sixth installment, and I immediately became a fan of the Ultimate Warrior, whom captured his first and only heavyweight championship at that event, becoming the first man to ever defeat Hulk Hogan on […]

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The Annual Top Ten Records of the year, 2013 Edition! and more…

2013 has frankly been an incredible year for new music.  In a year stacked with highly awaited releases and sleeper hits from nowhere – I was very pleased.  And just like years before I’m here to tell you all about my top ten favorites!  Honorable mention to My Bloody Valentine’s MBV, (Nashville’s own)  D. Watusi’s Dark Party, […]

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My Pessimistic WWE Survivor Series 2013 Preview

The annual WWE Survivor Series is set for this evening and frankly, I just don’t care.  The Survivor Series has offered so many classic moments over the years and is a member of the elite 4 annual pay-per-views, along with the Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, and Summer Slam.  It demands importance, but it has been booked […]

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New Sheryl Lee Interview!

That’s right, I interviewed Laura Palmer/Maddy Ferguson herself for my buds over at the Twin Peaks Archive! Check out Part 1 here and 2 here!  Chug-a-lug, Donna.

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Must See Acts @ bonnaroo 2013

Bonnaroo 2013 is tomorrow!  If you are going, you are destined to see some fantastic concerts – but what if you have no idea who you want to see?  If you are dazed and confused with the gigantic schedule of live music, let me offer you a tiny bit of guidance and suggest some MUST SEE shows. […]

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  1.  been too long since i listened to this.  a timeless institution. still feeling the loss of Yauch, and always will. 2.  one of my favorite albums in awhile.  D. Watusi reppin’ Nashville nicely here. 3.  oofff, I love this so far.  Going to be awhile before I can get my head out of […]

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  1.  I’m gonna need a little more time to process.  Even further out than Embryonic, somehow.  That last track is wicked, man. 2.  OMG, this vinyl remaster is magic.  Reminds me of being a kid, dancing ’round an old Wurlitzer.  It’s got that kick.  Had to listen to Twist & Shout twice. 3.  My […]

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The Annual Top Ten Records of the Year, 2012 edition

Yep, I’ve been really quiet the last few months and for good reason – one which I can’t quite disclose (yet), but let’s just say I’m busy.  So busy, the Top Ten Records of the Year will be limited to 141 characters (or in that area) in description.  Honorable mention to The Dirty Projectors and […]

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Catching Up with Connie Woods, “The New Girl” from One Eyed Jack’s!

Today’s interview guest on braddstudios.com is none other than “The New Girl” from One Eyed Jack’s, Connie Woods!  After meeting Connie at the Twin Peaks reunion in Burbank it has been a pleasure getting to know her, as well as an honor today to have her as an interview guest on the site!  We talked […]

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Interview with Twin Peaks’ Brett Vadset!

Today’s interview guest is Brett Vadset, known to us Twin Peaks fanatics as the Bookhouse Boy Joey Paulson!  Brett and I recently chatted via telephone all about his time on Twin Peaks.  After chatting about the untimely passing of MCA Adam Yauch and the awesomeness of The Shins, we got down to business.. BD:  To […]

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