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The Complete Blue Velvet Filming Locations

The Complete Blue Velvet Filming Locations

Welcome to Lumberton! err, I mean Wilmington, North Carolina where Blue Velvet was filmed in the fall of 1985. This is one of my all time favorite films and it was a true thrill to visit these locations.  Here you will find photos of all the filming locations as they looked in the fall of […]

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Blue Velvet – The Lumberton Police Department

Sadly, the only filming location from Blue Velvet to be wiped from the face of the planet is the Lumberton Police Department.  It is now a parking lot.  Move along, these are not the droids you’re looking for… Desperate completists like myself can see the parking lot at 115 Red Cross Street in Wilmington.

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Blue Velvet – The Field Where Jeffrey Finds the Ear

I love filming locations, and I REALLY love it when they are obscure.  So I was very thankful to visit THE field where Jeffrey finds the ear, which sets the entire movie into motion. The field is still in tact, and the surrounding treeline is still there but for visitors like us there are not […]

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Blue Velvet – The Williams House

I always envisioned the Williams house would be just a street over from the Beaumont House, but it’s actually on the other side of Wilmington entirely in a lovely and scenic neighborhood. If I’m not mistaken, the homeowners said the house was built in the first neighborhood in Wilmington. I was very thrilled to visit […]

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Blue Velvet – The Party House

There is not much to say about this house, other than its a cool house and it is about 50 yards from a giant cemetery. The house may bear some kind of historical significance (aside from Blue Velvet I mean) because there seemed to be an official looking plaque by the front door but I […]

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Blue Velvet – Deep River Apartments

“It’s daddy, you shithead…where’s my bourbon?!!” Easily my favorite filming location to visit from Blue Velvet was the infamous apartment of Dorothy Vallens. This ominous building still stands as it did in 1985, and is just as strong a presence in real life as it was in the film. In the non fictional world, it is known […]

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Blue Velvet – Frank’s Warehouse

Welcome to Frank’s place, home of Frank Booth and where he presumedly planned all of his organized chaos and sadistic mayem to unleash upon Lumberton. The building is now a headquarters for an air conditioning company. It sits a block off front street just a half mile down from the Hardware Store. Poor Jeffrey Beaumont […]

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Blue Velvet – Beaumont’s Hardware

I believe that this was in fact a mom-n-pop hardware store during filming, and in the years afterward became a neighborhood grocery store. That neighborhood grocery store has closed and this building currently sits idle on a shabby block in Wilmington. I clutched my camera tight in the area and did not make any eye […]

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Blue Velvet – Arlene’s Diner

This charming little building was the home of Arlene’s Diner where Jeffrey and Sandy would meet and organize their voyeuristic plans. It was recently a coffee house, but apparently went out of business and is currently being prepared as another restaurant. It has been remodeled quite a bit on the inside through the years which […]

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Blue Velvet – Lumberton High School

Welcome to New Hanover High School which sits just as it did back in 1985.  A few scenes take place in front of the high school, however no interiors were shot inside to my knowledge.  Maybe we will find out more once Lynch releases the deleted scenes on blu-ray!

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