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1.  a flooring experience.  “Hacker” is the best song I’ve heard in all of 2012 ( so far) 2.  I am partial to their noisier efforts.  This feels like ( )’s older and weirder brother.  ask me again next week. 3.  dare i say, a perfect record. 4.  i, i, i just   

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1.  the guitars are just perfect on this record 2.  “common people” truly belongs among the great britpop singles 3.  (for the most part) feels like so much other mid 90’s r&b like D is playing it safe-so hard to compare to the ferocious sensuality of Voodoo.  4.  a true landmark in musical recording..i listened to […]

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1.  so dreamy 2.  a strange counterpart to Microcastle 3.  wondering when the gummy bear was going to come dance in the field with me 4.  I love Neko and I love Dan, but I’m not all the way on this band (yet)

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83. Sigur Rós presents “Inni”

Sigur Rós is one of those bands that has constantly managed to defy description and genre.  When pressed to describe their music, one might say “they sing in their own Icelandic language”,  or “their singer sounds like 2 octaves above Thom Yorke and plays his guitar with a bow” which usually will leave the inquirer […]

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