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Concert Review – Mutual Benefit, live at Exit/In

Riding high on the positive buzz of last year’s Love’s Crushing Diamond, Mutual Benefit stopped by Nashville’s Exit/In during an abbreviated tour last night. I arrived too late for the first opener, but was amused and intrigued by the following supporting act, local synth-rock project Meth Dad, who bravely jammed out on the mic barefoot […]

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Jack White, Live and in Person at the Ryman Auditorium

all photos courtesy of http://www.jackwhiteiii.com Once upon a time in the summer of 2003, I held a ticket to see the White Stripes at the Ryman in my sweaty palm… until Jack broke his hand in a car wreck, cancelled the show, never made it up, nor played a proper Stripes show in Nashville again…and well, […]

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Record Store Day 2011

So, this particular blog post might be 7 months late, but whatever.  Here’s a few shots from this year’s record store day at Third Man Records in Nashville, TN.  ‘Twas a grand ole time, I just wish I had known who Edward James Olmos was at the time. “your turntable is not dead.”

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hips like cinderella

I was very fortunate to see the Pixies live and in person at the Ryman here in Nashville last Saturday. Rather than write a sappy blog about how much their music has meant to me, I’ll give you 5 reasons why it was such an unforgettable night. 1. They played their 1989 classic Doolittle in […]

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Julian Casablancas, Live and in Person at the Cannery Ballroom

Julian Casablancas, Live and in Person at the Cannery Ballroom

I’ve had a genuine affection and fascination for this guy since 2002 and was so glad he broughthis solo band to Nashville. and who else is ready for that new Strokes record? if you never heard Julian’s solo joint Phrazes for the Young you should check it. Set highlights were “Hard to Explain”, Springsteen’s “Dancing […]

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