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When Twin Peaks and Mad Men Collide

Once upon a time, I was rolling through Monrovia looking for some Twin Peaks filming locations, mainly the bakery from a Deleted Scene in Twin Peaks’ first season.  It was closed but I took a peak in the windows and went on my merry way after a couple of photographs.  It was a shame it […]

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The Twin Peaks General Store

  Welcome to the Twin Peaks General Store, which actually used to be a real general store in Monrovia, CA up until around 4 or 5 years ago.  They even had that freaking same train set in the window, as you’ve probably seen over at intwinpeaks.com. These days the former General Store is now a […]

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Twin Peaks – The Hayward Residence

When I was re-watching Twin Peaks in 1998, I always thought The Hayward Residence during the series was such a cool looking house.  I remember someone on alt-tv-twin-peaks mentioning that the house was “somewhere in California”.  I shrugged and thought I’d never have the chance to see it regardless.  Fortunately, I was able to visit […]

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