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Catching Up with Connie Woods, “The New Girl” from One Eyed Jack’s!

Today’s interview guest on braddstudios.com is none other than “The New Girl” from One Eyed Jack’s, Connie Woods!  After meeting Connie at the Twin Peaks reunion in Burbank it has been a pleasure getting to know her, as well as an honor today to have her as an interview guest on the site!  We talked […]

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Interview with Twin Peaks’ Brett Vadset!

Today’s interview guest is Brett Vadset, known to us Twin Peaks fanatics as the Bookhouse Boy Joey Paulson!  Brett and I recently chatted via telephone all about his time on Twin Peaks.  After chatting about the untimely passing of MCA Adam Yauch and the awesomeness of The Shins, we got down to business.. BD:  To […]

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Exclusive Twin Peaks Interview with Harley Peyton!

Today’s special interview guest is Harley Peyton, producer and credited screenwriter of nearly half the entire series of Twin Peaks.  Harley was generous enough to talk with me at length about the creative process behind the scenes of Twin Peaks and share some incredibly interesting and frank accounts of his time on the show.  Without […]

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Exclusive Interview with Twin Peaks screenwriter and producer, Bob Engels!

Today’s special guest on braddstudios.com is Robert “Bob” Engels, producer and screenwriter of the Twin Peaks series on ABC, as well as the co-writer of the feature film Fire Walk With Me.  These days, Bob is a professor at Cal State Fullerton and was kind enough to chat with me and reflect on Twin Peaks, […]

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Annette A

Annette McCarthy talks Twin Peaks!

The Twin Peaks interview series here at braddstudios.com continues today with Annette McCarthy, known to Twin Peaks fans as the wealthy and scheming Evelyn Marsh, who frames James Hurley for murder!  It was a ton of fun chatting with Annette as she merrily recounted a few entertaining stories from back in the day.  Aside from […]

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RB TP 20

“Fabulous Mistakes and Frightening Truths” – an Interview with Grace Zabriskie

Starring as the frazzled and frantic Sarah Palmer in Twin Peaks, Grace Zabriskie offered up some of the most intense and arresting performances throughout the series and the feature film Twin Peaks – Fire Walk With Me.  As the 20th anniversary of Fire Walk With Me quickly approaches this fall, I recently had the honor […]

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Scott Frost talks Twin Peaks!

I recently had the chance to chat via telephone with Scott Frost, author of The Autobiography of F.B.I. Special Agent Dale Cooper: My Life, My Tapes as well as the screenwriter for the Twin Peaks episodes “Drive With a Dead Girl” (15) and “Double Play” (22).  Scott graciously shared a few stories surrounding his work on the show and […]

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Mark 1

Exclusive Interview with Twin Peaks Co-Creator Mark Frost!

It is an honor and a privilege today to share with you an interview I recently conducted with author, director, producer, screenwriter and the Co-Creator of Twin Peaks, Mark Frost!  On the heels of the recently re-released Secret Diary of Laura Palmer, Mark and I discussed a few of the mysteries surrounding the show that still […]

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Exclusive Interview with Mak Takano

Portraying the dangerous and menacing henchman Jonathan in Twin Peaks, Mak Takano was responsible for one of the many mysterious layers of the second season.  Aside from his appearances onscreen in feature films such as Black Rain and Contact, Mak has worked with fighters and athletes such as Oscar De La Hoya over the years as a professional physical […]

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Kimmy Pilot 2

Brad D Studios’ Interview with Kimmy Robertson!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!  It has really been a wonderful year with this little blog.  I’ve talked to over a dozen cast and crew members of Twin Peaks including series co-creator Mark Frost and Catherine Coulson and I’d like to finish the year off with one of my favorite people in the whole wide world, Kimmy […]

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