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The LOST Bamboo Fields

Considering myself a hardcore filming location geek, I find no bigger joy than locating a scene that is obscure, or perhaps extremely challenging to find.  Naturally, LOST’s final scene where Jack dies in the bamboo forest was an intriguing location to track down. Unfortunately, I for one don’t know if I found the correct spot […]

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LOST – Mokule’ia Beach

As LOST begins and Jack runs out of the bamboo fields-he comes to the site of the horrific crash of Oceanic 815.  In the real world, this beach is known as Mokule’ia Beach on the north shore of Oahu, and good news – anyone can go visit it because all beaches are public property on […]

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The LOST temple from Season 6

I’ll be the first to admit…the show spent way too much time in this here temple during the first half of Season 6, much more important business could have been tended to, BUT…it was still cool to see in person. The temple exterior is located in Paradise Park, just a hundred yards or so from […]

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Waimea Falls

Welcome to Wai-meia Falls, home to a few LOST scenes which are stuck in our memories for varying reasons.  We first see the Falls when Kate and Sawyer go for a leisurely swim in the First Season only to find a briefcase full of guns.  You will also remember that when Jack and friends return […]

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church screen 2

LOST Filming Locations – The Finale Church

Aside from Dharmaville, the church from the finale had to be my most anticipated LOST location.  If you have not watched the series and don’t want to ruin any surprises, you may want to stop reading! Anyway, in the real world-the church is actually a cathedral attached to a private Catholic school in Honolulu.  We […]

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The Real Dharmaville

Welcome to Camp Erdman, which to us LOST fanatics means the real world location of Dharmaville (!!!). With so many crucial scenes going down in Dharmaville throughout LOST, it was easily one  of the locations I was most excited to see.  It sits just as it did on the show with really no changes since […]

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