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The Real Lost Highway Hotel

Near the Mojave Desert, straddling the Nevada/California state line  on a real “lost highway” sits Death Valley Junction – which we David Lynch fans will immediately recognize as the filming location for the Lost Highway Hotel in Lost Highway.  I was actually on a little vacation in Las Vegas over Thanksgiving with my wife, and […]

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Lost Highway – Arnie’s Complete Car Service

After Fred Madison completes his transformation into Pete Dayton in Lost Highway, he works as a mechanic at Arnie’s Complete Car Service, which in real life is still a fully functioning Firestone garage, but unfortunately the dearly departed Richard Pryor and Jack Nance won’t be there waiting on you. This particular structure was built way […]

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Lost Highway – Fred Madison’s House

Just like in the movie, Fred Madison’s house sits nestled in the Hollywood Hills, just a few twists and turns from the ole 101 freeway and the rest of the madness. It sits just as it did when it was used in filming during 1996 and is quite an intriguing structure – and YES, the […]

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Weezer’s Patrick Wilson lists his top 5 Lynch moments!

If you know me, you know I’m a longtime, die hard crazy Weezer fan… so a few months ago I was stoked to hear that Patrick Wilson (co-founder, drummer, songwriter, etc.) is a huge David Lynch fan!  I asked Pat to share his top 5 Lynch moments on film and he graciously obliged. 1. “Robert […]

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John Apicella – The Twin Peaks Interview!

As a veteran of the television screen since the 1970’s, John Apicella has appeared recently in Brothers and Sisters as well as a host of acclaimed shows like Seinfeld, Friends, NYPD Blue (among tons of others) but most importantly in this neighborhood, Twin Peaks!  John played the role of one Jeffrey Marsh, husband to Evelyn during the […]

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David Lynch – Catching the Big Fish

In 2007 David Lynch released “Catching the Big Fish”, a candid but brief collection of David’s writing on creativity, consciousness and meditation.  For anyone familiar with Lynch, you probably know he has practiced Transcendental Meditation (TM) since the 70’s and is a big supporter of its campaigns around the world-and it undoubtedly plays a huge […]

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Lost Highway – Pete Dayton’s House

Buried deep in the San Fernando valley is Pete Dayton’s House from Lost Highway.  Please excuse the poor screenshot, I blame whoever approved the Lost Highway DVD!

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