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Annette McCarthy talks Twin Peaks!

The Twin Peaks interview series here at braddstudios.com continues today with Annette McCarthy, known to Twin Peaks fans as the wealthy and scheming Evelyn Marsh, who frames James Hurley for murder!  It was a ton of fun chatting with Annette as she merrily recounted a few entertaining stories from back in the day.  Aside from […]

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80. Vibrations

A few months ago I ran across a youtube video featuring a trailer for amovie called Vibrations starring James Marshall and Christina Applegate.  It involved cheesy music, James as a homeless bum, and robots.  I felt like my eyes were deceiving me, or perhaps it was a joke, or perhaps I was dreaming.  But I […]

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Twin Peaks Cast Reunion Pt. 2

I was so excited to hear that Walter Olkewicz (who played Jacques Renault) was a surprise guest. Walter’s performance of the French Canadian drug mule/bartender/party animal was always amusing, and I quote the character on a regular basis. We discussed some of those quotes like “I am the Great Went”, “Bite the Bullet”, and “I […]

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