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Ian cover

Ian Buchanan, The Dick Tremayne Interview!

I am very thrilled and elated to welcome Ian Buchanan to the interview circle of braddstudios.com.  In this neck of the woods, Ian is highly celebrated for his role as men’s fashion salesman Dick Tremayne on Twin Peaks as well as Lester Guy on On the Air.  I recently chatted with Ian all about his […]

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The Underneath (1995)

Directed by Steven Soderbergh, The Underneath is a mid-90’s noir tale about Michael (Peter Gallagher) who is a recovering gambling addict returning to his hometown to patch up many of his severed ties and re-establish himself.   The movie consists of three different timelines which merge together at the ideal time, revealing the true nature of […]

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Kimmy Pilot 2

Brad D Studios’ Interview with Kimmy Robertson!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!!  It has really been a wonderful year with this little blog.  I’ve talked to over a dozen cast and crew members of Twin Peaks including series co-creator Mark Frost and Catherine Coulson and I’d like to finish the year off with one of my favorite people in the whole wide world, Kimmy […]

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63. Earthling

Written and directed by independent filmmaker Clay Liford, Earthling explores the life of Judith (Rebecca Spence), a high school English teacher who slowly discovers she is an alien after she has a severe seizure and crashes her car.  It is no coincidence that there was a catastrophe at the international space station when 2 astronauts […]

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Deputy Andy Brennan’s Greatest Hits

Twin Peaks carried a gigantic ensemble cast throughout its run.  Characters like Special Agent Dale Cooper, Leland Palmer, The Log Lady, Leo Johnson, etc. made a huge impact on the show casting a long shadow but due to a wonderful writing team, there was still abundant room for other characters to shine.  However, if you […]

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