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Exclusive Interview with Twin Peaks screenwriter and producer, Bob Engels!

Today’s special guest on braddstudios.com is Robert “Bob” Engels, producer and screenwriter of the Twin Peaks series on ABC, as well as the co-writer of the feature film Fire Walk With Me.  These days, Bob is a professor at Cal State Fullerton and was kind enough to chat with me and reflect on Twin Peaks, […]

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Fire Walk With Me 20th Anniversary Art Exhibit Details

Somehow, some way we are 20 years removed from the theatrical release of Twin Peaks – Fire Walk With Me.  To celebrate, the fine folks behind twinpeaks20.com in conjunction with David Lynch have assembled a stunning lineup of participating artists for an exhibit housed at the Copro Gallery in Santa Monica.  The exhibit opens at […]

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Sheriff Cable Speaks! An Interview with Fire Walk With Me’s Gary Bullock

Some of the best one liners in all of Twin Peaks – Fire Walk With Me come from today’s interview guest, Gary Bullock!  Gary portrayed the callous and stubborn Sheriff Cable, the foil to Special Agent Chester Desmond in the first segment of Twin Peaks – Fire Walk With Me.  I was pretty excited to […]

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Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me – Fat Trout Trailer Park

One of my all time favorite location outings was visiting the Fat Trout Trailer Park from Twin Peaks – Fire Walk With Me with my wife and my friend charles from intwinpeaks.com. The trailer park was demolished in early 2011, but luckily we visited in January of 2010 when everything was still in tact.  I […]

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Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me – Deer Meadow and Wind River Filming Locations

Welcome to the Deer Meadow Sheriff’s Department from Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me.  Home to Sheriff Cable and his deputies, it appears on the surface to be a set, but is actually a small home in Ollalie State Park, around 5 miles or so east of North Bend.  It’s hard to say what this little building […]

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Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me – The Blue Diamond Motel

Welcome to the Mt. Si Motel in North Bend, Washington which you probably recognize as the Blue Diamond Motel in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me. This filming location was used when Leland meets his prostitute Teresa Banks and some of her friends, which includes his daughter Laura!  He flees in terror before he is […]

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Private Portland Airport…in Fargo?!

This here lies the Private Portland Airport, but you can’t really see the spot where they filmed. Yet another filming site where I was just too timid to cross the line… On the driveway, look right and you’ll see where the school bus was parked in Fargo, ND as Agent Chester Desmond busts the crooked […]

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Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me – The High School

In August of 2008 i was preparing to move to Nashville from my current residence in Lake Stevens, WA.  I was desperately trying to track down all the remaining Twin Peaks filming sites I had not found yet. Thanks to my friend jared i was able to find the Twin Peaks High School (Snoqualmie High […]

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