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Breaking Bad Filming Locations!

This past April, my wife and I ventured to Albuquerque, New Mexico for a little vacation… and to check out the filming locations from Breaking Bad!  Unfortunately, we never saw the crew filming around town – but if you are a fan of the show and a filming location enthusiast like myself, I highly suggest […]

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The Walking Dead Season 3 Filming Locations – Senoia, GA

After watching Season 1 of The Walking Dead on Netflix and then immediately purchasing Season 2 off iTunes to consume ala Battlestar Galactica via Portlandia, I immediately looked up a few rumors surrounding what might happen in the third season. Of course, if you have looked around you’ll know there are a couple of major characters […]

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The Real Lost Highway Hotel

Near the Mojave Desert, straddling the Nevada/California state line  on a real “lost highway” sits Death Valley Junction – which we David Lynch fans will immediately recognize as the filming location for the Lost Highway Hotel in Lost Highway.  I was actually on a little vacation in Las Vegas over Thanksgiving with my wife, and […]

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Mulholland Drive – Aunt Ruth’s Apartment

In Mulholland Drive, Betty arrives to Los Angeles and is immediately hooked up with her Aunt Ruth’s apartment at 1612 Havenhurst – a swanky bungalow with a pristine courtyard (minus some dog poo) and a bonus of Laura Harring hiding in the bathroom.  In real life, this area is an actual residential area known as […]

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Mad Men – Don Draper’s House

It’s been a year since the fourth season of Mad Men ended… and here we are a year later still 5 months or so removed from the fifth season!  It’s been a painful wait but I know when March rolls around it will be worth it!  For now, check out ol’ Don Draper’s house in […]

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Mulholland Drive – Winkie’s on Sunset

Welcome to Caesar’s Restaurant in Gardena, California – definitely NOT on Sunset Boulevard like its Mulholland Drive alias “Winkie’s”.  Just a few blocks from West Compton, this greasy spoon serves up traditional diner fare.  I opted for the french toast and it was pretty good!  My brother had no complaints about the pancakes – but […]

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Lost Highway – Arnie’s Complete Car Service

After Fred Madison completes his transformation into Pete Dayton in Lost Highway, he works as a mechanic at Arnie’s Complete Car Service, which in real life is still a fully functioning Firestone garage, but unfortunately the dearly departed Richard Pryor and Jack Nance won’t be there waiting on you. This particular structure was built way […]

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MD - Diane's Apt

Mulholland Drive – Sierra Bonita Apartments

Mulholland Drive runs the gauntlet of visually striking scenes from  terrifying, erotic, and gruesome… but when sweet Betty and Rita go to look for Diane Selwyn at the Sierra Bonita Apartments, I always tense up with anxiety!  For us fans who’d like to see the apartments in real life, you are in luck because they […]

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Lost Highway – Fred Madison’s House

Just like in the movie, Fred Madison’s house sits nestled in the Hollywood Hills, just a few twists and turns from the ole 101 freeway and the rest of the madness. It sits just as it did when it was used in filming during 1996 and is quite an intriguing structure – and YES, the […]

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Back to the Future – THE Burger King

Back to the Future has many intriguing filming locations-hell, it’d be a dream to visit them ALL, but today we’ll settle for the Burger King which Doc Brown lives behind.  Doc’s house is gone, but you can still get a Whopper and envision Marty McFly tailgating out of the drive through. Take a look for […]

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