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Richard Beymer talks “It’s a Beautiful World” and more

Richard Beymer may be best known as Tony in the 1961 Academy Award-winning Best Picture, West Side Story, or perhaps as the sleazy and conflicted Benjamin Horne in Twin Peaks, but Beymer has spent decades off-camera indulging many artistic avenues that encompass sculpting, painting, writing, and directing his own films. Beymer’s just-released film, It’s a Beautiful World, (see […]

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Breaking Bad – “Felina” Review

It is 9:00AM, the morning after the grand finale of the beloved AMC drama Breaking Bad and I am at a loss for words, but compelled to say goodbye.  Let me preface my review of the finale episode by saying that the fifth season in its entirety was beyond brilliant.  The first glimpse of the […]

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Jack White, Live and in Person at the Ryman Auditorium

all photos courtesy of http://www.jackwhiteiii.com Once upon a time in the summer of 2003, I held a ticket to see the White Stripes at the Ryman in my sweaty palm… until Jack broke his hand in a car wreck, cancelled the show, never made it up, nor played a proper Stripes show in Nashville again…and well, […]

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“The World Spins”…An Interview with Julee Cruise!

Ever since I began conducting interviews on this site, it’s been a dream of mine to speak with Julee Cruise, well known for her collaborations with David Lynch and Angelo Badalamenti as well as her numerous appearances throughout Twin Peaks.  Floating into the Night is truly one of my all time favorite records, so I […]

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Catching up with “The Lady in the Radiator”, Laurel Near!

First in a long line of iconic characters singing cryptic and striking songs in many of David Lynch’s films, Laurel Near starred as “The Lady in the Radiator” in Eraserhead, alongside the haunting lullabye “In Heaven”, which has gone on to be covered by countless bands over the years such as The Pixies, Devo, and […]

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Exclusive Interview with Twin Peaks Co-Creator Mark Frost!

It is an honor and a privilege today to share with you an interview I recently conducted with author, director, producer, screenwriter and the Co-Creator of Twin Peaks, Mark Frost!  On the heels of the recently re-released Secret Diary of Laura Palmer, Mark and I discussed a few of the mysteries surrounding the show that still […]

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The Annual Top Ten Records of the Year

I guess way back in the hey-day of Myspace I began posting blogs of my favorite top ten records of the year, and the tradition still continues today!  It’s been an interesting year for sure, but these records really resonated with me.  Remember, not the best… just my favorites… 10.  St. Vincent, Strange Mercy Under […]

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An Exclusive Interview with “The Log Lady”, Catherine Coulson!

Perhaps right along with Agent Dale Cooper, The Log Lady of Twin Peaks may perhaps be the most memorable character of the entire series.  Who could ever forget the site of a mystical woman carrying around a small log which supposedly contains the spirit of her deceased lumberjack husband?  As the popularity of Twin Peaks initially exploded, […]

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Sheriff Cable Speaks! An Interview with Fire Walk With Me’s Gary Bullock

Some of the best one liners in all of Twin Peaks – Fire Walk With Me come from today’s interview guest, Gary Bullock!  Gary portrayed the callous and stubborn Sheriff Cable, the foil to Special Agent Chester Desmond in the first segment of Twin Peaks – Fire Walk With Me.  I was pretty excited to […]

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Exclusive Jim Guthrie Interview!

Today I would like to share a really cool interview I recently conducted with Jim Guthrie, Canadian singer/songwriter and musician extraordinaire.  He has released critically acclaimed records on his own with the brilliant Now, More Than Ever and Morning Noon Night, as well as lauded releases with Royal City, Human Highway and Islands. We discussed […]

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