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Catching up with “The Lady in the Radiator”, Laurel Near!

First in a long line of iconic characters singing cryptic and striking songs in many of David Lynch’s films, Laurel Near starred as “The Lady in the Radiator” in Eraserhead, alongside the haunting lullabye “In Heaven”, which has gone on to be covered by countless bands over the years such as The Pixies, Devo, and […]

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An Exclusive Interview with “The Log Lady”, Catherine Coulson!

Perhaps right along with Agent Dale Cooper, The Log Lady of Twin Peaks may perhaps be the most memorable character of the entire series.  Who could ever forget the site of a mystical woman carrying around a small log which supposedly contains the spirit of her deceased lumberjack husband?  As the popularity of Twin Peaks initially exploded, […]

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David Lynch – Catching the Big Fish

In 2007 David Lynch released “Catching the Big Fish”, a candid but brief collection of David’s writing on creativity, consciousness and meditation.  For anyone familiar with Lynch, you probably know he has practiced Transcendental Meditation (TM) since the 70’s and is a big supporter of its campaigns around the world-and it undoubtedly plays a huge […]

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Exclusive Interview with Charlotte Stewart!

Over the course of a few Twin Peaks festivals and the Twin Peaks cast reunion last year, I have had the utmost pleasure of speaking with Charlotte Stewart a number of times.  I have been continually fascinated by her wealth of stories about her time spent working on Eraserhead and Twin Peaks.  I thought it would be fantastic […]

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