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74. George Harrison: Living in the Material World

When I was about 5 or 6 years old, my dad bought an antique Wurlitzer jukebox from the mid-1950’s which sat in the dining room and sounded like a freight train (I mean that in the most wonderful way possible) charging through the neighborhood.  You could literally hear the jukebox down the street!  He would […]

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67. Pearl Jam 20

As Pearl Jam celebrates their 20 year anniversary, topping off numerous re-issues and tours is Cameron Crowe’s new documentary Pearl Jam 20.  The film takes a close and candid look at the formation of the band, which rose from the ashes of hallowed Seattle band Mother Love Bone after the tragic death of lead singer […]

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64. Talahina Sky

Back in 2003, I traveled with my good friend Trevor to see The Strokes in Atlanta-I’d heard some solid buzz about their opener the Kings of Leon and picked up their debut album Youth and Young Manhood.  It was a great debut of southern indie rock, and was followed in 2005 by the just as […]

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A Tribe Called Quest

47. Beats, Rhymes and Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest

Beats, Rhymes and Life tells the legend of the iconic hip hop group A Tribe Called Quest and tracks their career from present day back to the beginnings from an early childhood relationship where Q-Tip and Phife meet as toddlers in Queens, NY.  After they begin rhyming with eachother at the age of 9, they […]

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