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The Crow (1994)

  My memory escapes me… it seems like I saw The Crow sometime around 95/96, but I just can’t be sure.  Annnyway, I recently saw this was available on Netflix and gave it a spin.  Of course, anyone between the age of 13 and 30 during the grunge glory days of 1994 will remember the […]

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Dreamscape (1984)

(editor’s note-I’m not doing a 100 films project this year, just reviewing films as I see fit… enjoy!) Dennis Quaid stars in Dreamscape as Alex, a young psychic who spends his days using his powers to win money gambling on horses and hustling others on unfair bets.  Gaining a reputation for his extraordinary talents, he is […]

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82. The Adventures of Ford Fairlane

Andrew Dice Clay stars as Ford Fairlane, a self proclaimed “rock n’ roll detective” who scours L.A. doing whatever the music elite ask him to do.  After dispatching of a girl group stalker named Psycho Sam (David Patrick Kelly) he is hired to track down an L.A. groupie who is missing at the request of […]

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76. Predator / 77. The Warriors

Today we have a double dose of 2 80’s films… The ol’ Governator stars in Predator as Dutch, a grizzled military veteran who is convinced to participate in a hostage rescue in South America by his former associate George (Carl Weathers).  With a motley crew of hard-nosed soldiers which includes Blain (Jesse “the Body” Ventura!!!), […]

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70. Commando

Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in Commando as John Matrix, a retired military bad ass who has made a zillion enemies, including a gang led by a ruthless mobster (Dan Hedaya) and his henchmen.  They kidnap his daughter (Alyssa Milano) and hold her for ransom… which is for Matrix to kill the President of a South American […]

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