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The Twin Peaks Festival 2012 Edition!

I say it every year…but this year’s Twin Peaks Festival was the best!  This year was my fourth year to join in on the fun.  With a sold out crowd of roughly 200 fans, it was a pleasant surprise to see mostly new faces – even if I missed quite a few of my usual […]

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Exclusive Interview with Charlotte Stewart!

Over the course of a few Twin Peaks festivals and the Twin Peaks cast reunion last year, I have had the utmost pleasure of speaking with Charlotte Stewart a number of times.  I have been continually fascinated by her wealth of stories about her time spent working on Eraserhead and Twin Peaks.  I thought it would be fantastic […]

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Twin Peaks Cast Reunion Pt. 2

I was so excited to hear that Walter Olkewicz (who played Jacques Renault) was a surprise guest. Walter’s performance of the French Canadian drug mule/bartender/party animal was always amusing, and I quote the character on a regular basis. We discussed some of those quotes like “I am the Great Went”, “Bite the Bullet”, and “I […]

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