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The Real Lost Highway Hotel

Near the Mojave Desert, straddling the Nevada/California state line  on a real “lost highway” sits Death Valley Junction – which we David Lynch fans will immediately recognize as the filming location for the Lost Highway Hotel in Lost Highway.  I was actually on a little vacation in Las Vegas over Thanksgiving with my wife, and […]

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Lost Highway – Fred Madison’s House

Just like in the movie, Fred Madison’s house sits nestled in the Hollywood Hills, just a few twists and turns from the ole 101 freeway and the rest of the madness. It sits just as it did when it was used in filming during 1996 and is quite an intriguing structure – and YES, the […]

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Twin Peaks – The California Locations

While the Twin Peaks pilot episode was filmed in Washington state, Episodes 1-29 were filmed on a gigantic sound stage in Van Nuys, California with on location shooting taking place throughout the Los Angeles area from roughly the fall of 1989 until March of 1991.  I absolutely love the Washington locations, but the California locations […]

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Twin Peaks – Malibou Lake Mountain Club

Welcome to the Malibou Lake Mountain Club, situated on Malibou Lake in Agoura Hills, California.  An absolute TON of filming was done in the area for Twin Peaks, as many other productions.  I even saw Scooby Doo filming with the time machine van one night.  Anyway, to me the grounds harken back to the golden […]

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rock store 2

Twin Peaks – Lydecker’s Clinic and the Quik Stop

Right on Mulholland Highway is the world renowned Rock Store, perhaps one of the most popular motorcycle hangouts in the world with regulars like Jay Leno and the Governator among tons of other biker enthusiasts.  Most importantly however it served as Dr. Lydecker’s veterinarian clinic as well as the Quik Stop in Twin Peaks.  It […]

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The McFly House, ’85 edition

In all my travels, this might just be my favorite filming location of all.  Situated on a shabby street near Pacoima, the McFly house sits in anonymity in a packed neighborhood.  As I stood across the street in awe, I heard a neighbor cry out “why are there always people taking pictures of that f***ing […]

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When Twin Peaks and Mad Men Collide

Once upon a time, I was rolling through Monrovia looking for some Twin Peaks filming locations, mainly the bakery from a Deleted Scene in Twin Peaks’ first season.  It was closed but I took a peak in the windows and went on my merry way after a couple of photographs.  It was a shame it […]

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The Old Place

If I had the choice of one last meal on this earth, it would be from this place. I originally visited The Old Place, located in Cornell, CA because it was the filming location of the Bookhouse interiors from Twin Peaks in Season 1, Episode 3.  It is only used once in the series when […]

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Twin Peaks – Dead Dog Farm

One of the few big Twin Peaks filming sites that really gave me some trouble was Dead Dog Farm. According to a friend who had visited the location frequently in the past, it was torn down in approximately 2002 and up until 2006 or so, the tree that held the “For Sale” sign was still […]

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The REAL Twin Peaks Savings and Loan

Thanks to a fellow fan who had the filming notes from Episode 29, I was able to find the filming location for the Twin Peaks Savings & Loan.  Located in downtown Los Angeles in the basement of the former Los Angeles Stock Exchange, the building (as of Summer 2010) was being renovated and after some […]

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