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Back to the Future – THE Burger King

Back to the Future has many intriguing filming locations-hell, it’d be a dream to visit them ALL, but today we’ll settle for the Burger King which Doc Brown lives behind.  Doc’s house is gone, but you can still get a Whopper and envision Marty McFly tailgating out of the drive through. Take a look for […]

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The McFly House, ’85 edition

In all my travels, this might just be my favorite filming location of all.  Situated on a shabby street near Pacoima, the McFly house sits in anonymity in a packed neighborhood.  As I stood across the street in awe, I heard a neighbor cry out “why are there always people taking pictures of that f***ing […]

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Back to the Future – Doc’s House

1640 Riverside Drive…isn’t that John F. Kennedy drive? “who the hell is John F. Kennedy?”…meanwhile, in 2009… The Gamble House, located in lovely Pasadena, CA. The bookstore, or Doc’s garage where he runs and hides from Marty. In the backyard. I have a few more fun Back to the Future locations to post. Stay tuned!

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