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2014 Bonnaroo Survival Guide!

It’s just a week away, the 13th annual Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival in Manchester, Tennessee!  I feel very lucky for it to be my 10th trip to the farm this year and I’m as excited as I’ve ever been. I’ve seen it all (almost) and I would like to share with you, dear reader, how […]

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  1.  been too long since i listened to this.  a timeless institution. still feeling the loss of Yauch, and always will. 2.  one of my favorite albums in awhile.  D. Watusi reppin’ Nashville nicely here. 3.  oofff, I love this so far.  Going to be awhile before I can get my head out of […]

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  1.  I’m gonna need a little more time to process.  Even further out than Embryonic, somehow.  That last track is wicked, man. 2.  OMG, this vinyl remaster is magic.  Reminds me of being a kid, dancing ’round an old Wurlitzer.  It’s got that kick.  Had to listen to Twist & Shout twice. 3.  My […]

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The Annual Top Ten Records of the Year, 2012 edition

Yep, I’ve been really quiet the last few months and for good reason – one which I can’t quite disclose (yet), but let’s just say I’m busy.  So busy, the Top Ten Records of the Year will be limited to 141 characters (or in that area) in description.  Honorable mention to The Dirty Projectors and […]

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1.  love these guys, but for me this is their The In Sound from Way Out! 2.  a top 2012 release.  and they’re comin to town in september! 3. an integral part of my 2005 summer isn’t too late for your 2012 edition 4. what more can i say? top billin’? 5.  some people […]

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1.  this totally stands shoulder to shoulder with Kid A and OK, Computer – i dont care what anyone else says. 2.  one of the most pleasing releases of 2012 so far… hope i can see them live somehow! 3.  solid first half…but side B is audio ambien.  an up tempo track would have gone […]

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1.  an integral part of my summer of 2004 soundtrack.  i miss this band so much. 2.  cant wait to dance myself clean with merrill on friday. 3.  i wish i could kidnap the 2003 ryan adams, freeze him in ice and thaw him out every year to make an album.  the 2005 edition was […]

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1.  if Daft Punk never gets off their ass, atleast we’ve got JUSTICE 2.  I’m on a huge James Mercer kick these days.  just cant get enough.  and i get to see the shins in a week! ah! 3.  can’t contain my excitement to see these guys next week as well.  i missed my only […]

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1.  in pitchfork terms, this is like a 10.0 2.  seeing her next week at bonnaroo for the umpteenth time.  cant wait to hear “mint” live again. 3.  the 4th best pixies album, a lot of crushers on here. Kurt Cobain stole the riff from “UMASS” for “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, or something like that.. […]

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“focusing on the j’s…” 1.  triple albums are tough to pull off, but not when you’re joanna newsom 2.  the ideal monday morning “wake up” record, and as far as 80’s records go, a must. 3.  just beautiful, and subtly powerful if you dig in to it.  “Born Secular”!!

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