The Twin Peaks Festival 2012 Edition!

I say it every year…but this year’s Twin Peaks Festival was the best!  This year was my fourth year to join in on the fun.  With a sold out crowd of roughly 200 fans, it was a pleasant surprise to see mostly new faces – even if I missed quite a few of my usual cohorts.  Friday kicked off with the annual trivia contest, and the competition was STIFF!  I made it to the final 5 but bowed out gracefully after bungling the number of days The Log Lady was married to her husband. Grr…  Anyway!  The contest is always fun – and if you make it to the final round you really know your stuff.

 After the Festival kick-off, my wife and I ventured to the filming location of the Sheriff’s Department and after years and years of trying to go inside, I was finally granted access by the new tenants, Dirtfish Racing.  It was a thrill to go inside and take a peak around, even if a few walls were knocked down and some remodeling had run its course.

After driving up to my old stomping grounds near Lake Stevens and meeting up with an old friend – my wife and I decided to duck out on Film night and hang out with our host, the wonderful Charles from for some dinner and drinks.

The celebrity banquet on Saturday night was just an absolute blast, with special surprise guests Bob Engels (producer and screen-writer) and his wife Jill (Trudy the waitress), along with Michael Horse (Deputy Hawk), Phoebe Augustine (Ronnette Pulaski), Charlotte Stewart (Betty Briggs) and Al Strobel (Mike/The One Armed Man).  After getting a few pictures and autographs, it was time for the celebrity q&a, which was wildly entertaining with tons of funny commentary and anecdotes.

above:  Phoebe Augustine, Jill and Bob Engels, Charlotte Stewart, and Al Strobel during the Q&A session

The other big highlight of the night was the costume contest.  There is always an impressive assortment of costumes and this year was no different – I even ran into my old friend Cameron from the 2008 festival after I recognized him through his Denise/Dennis Bryson disguise.

Sunday was the farewell picnic, which is always a bittersweet day because it’s the official end of the Peaks freak-out.  It was mostly hanging out and chatting with anyone and everyone.  Bob Engels was kind enough to talk Twin Peaks with myself and a group of others as we asked all about the rumors, lore, and legend that surrounds our beloved series.

 Next up was the Tibetan Rock Throw (shown below) which went on for quite awhile, I even gave up and bowed out to go hang with my friends.  Also of note – some guy won the Cherry Stem Tying contest in just a few seconds!  Crazy!


After saying goodbye and taking off, my wife and Charles and I had a Taco Time picnic at the Snoqualmie overlook.  It was a great day for a picnic!

 above:  probably wondering where the Log Lady’s cabin exterior is

In closing, I want to thank Jared and Amanda for organizing this festival for the 9th and final year.  Their spirit, dedication and enthusiasm has never gone unnoticed and I personally will really miss them running the show.  And to all my new friends (especially Eben, Matt, Hannah, Rob P., and Joe!!) I hope you had as great a time as me and that you’ll be back for many years to come!!  I’ll see you in the trees.  Below are a few favorite pictures of mine from the weekend!

above:  Phoebe Augustine and myself, below with Bob Engels (yeah that’s a PBR..)

above:  storytime with Bob Engels; below, Michael Horse talking to fans


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4 Comments on “The Twin Peaks Festival 2012 Edition!”

  1. Ken Moore
    August 18, 2012 at 8:59 pm #

    Nice write up Brad! Thanks! Great pics, Looks like it was lotsa fun and laid back this year. Thanks again.

  2. August 19, 2012 at 8:59 am #

    Thanks Ken!!

  3. August 19, 2012 at 11:47 am #

    Nice shot’s.

  4. December 12, 2012 at 8:20 am #

    Great stuff Brad…trying to contact you! Not sure if you’d caught word about Silencio- A Tribute to the Works of David Lynch & Angelo Badalamenti yet.

    If indeed you would like more info, we’d be happy to supply.


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