91. Larry Crowne

Tom Hanks.  One of my all time favorite actors who has portrayed some of the best characters of the last 25 years.  Here in 2011 he can basically do whatever the hell he could ever want to.  With Julia Roberts co-starring you would think the sky is the limit amirite?  Read on.

Hanks stars in the title role as Larry, a chipper and devoted employee at a neighborhood supermarket.  He loves his job and everyone loves working with him until he is unceremoniously shown the door by upper management due to his lack of higher education.  In the thick of middle age and with a clean slate, Larry decides to go to community college and work on a degree, as well as befriending some young biker kids who give him a makeover with hipper clothes and a stylish haircut.  On Larry’s first day of school he meets his speech communication teacher (Julia Roberts) and is immediately smitten with her.  After a few chance encounters they end up finding a spark while she struggles with an emotionally abusive husband (Bryan Cranston)… and I’m sure by now you can tell where it all leads!

On the surface, Larry Crowne wants to be many things.  A romantic comedy, a situational drama amongst economic hardship, or maybe a heartwarming tale of a simple guy trying to reinvent himself.  Even with a proven artist like Hanks starring, writing and directing-the plot is too busy and uneventful – not to mention entirely predictable.  Aside from a few cute moments and funny exchanges with Hanks and Cedric the Entertainer, I was nearly bored to tears with the film.  Might I suggest trying out an older Hanks film you’ve never seen instead…

2 stars out of 5


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One Comment on “91. Larry Crowne”

  1. December 6, 2011 at 1:50 pm #

    I lived this film. It was sooooo good. And the end was precious.

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