The Real Lost Highway Hotel

Near the Mojave Desert, straddling the Nevada/California state line  on a real “lost highway” sits Death Valley Junction – which we David Lynch fans will immediately recognize as the filming location for the Lost Highway Hotel in Lost Highway.  I was actually on a little vacation in Las Vegas over Thanksgiving with my wife, and it was only just shy of a 2 hour drive out of the city.  How could I refuse?

For the exterior shot, this little shanty below was used – and it looked like no one had even stepped foot inside the dilapidated shack in forever.  I have no idea what it is, what it was, or what will become of it.

Across the street at the Amargosa Hotel and Opera House is where the interiors were shot where (legend has it) many ghosts haunt the grounds.  The building was originally put up in the 1920’s as a hotel and restaurant, although it appears over half of the large structure is currently not put to use.  The hotel staff informed me it would be $12.00 a night – which I politely declined.  The staff was incredibly friendly and welcoming and encouraged me to take as many pictures as I would like, and to tell all my friends to come and visit.

I regretfully forgot to prepare for this trip and had no screenshots to track down the exact room – and there was no Room 26!  Surely a few numbers were switched around for filming.  I wandered around and snapped a few photos in hopes I could match something up.

While this was quite a memorable trip and I HIGHLY recommend it for fans (especially since you are so close to the majestic Death Valley National Park), please be prepared.  There is no cell service, no gas stations within a 20 mile radius (unless you’re willing to pay a sky high premium), and just a tiny little restaurant in Death Valley Junction which may not be open.  Pack accordingly!

P.S. – I have a stinking suspicion that the exploding house from the end of the film is nearby, but have no way of confirming anything.  Any takers?


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