83. Sigur Rós presents “Inni”

Sigur Rós is one of those bands that has constantly managed to defy description and genre.  When pressed to describe their music, one might say “they sing in their own Icelandic language”,  or “their singer sounds like 2 octaves above Thom Yorke and plays his guitar with a bow” which usually will leave the inquirer with a puzzled look.  Sigur Rós’s music simply speaks for itself, as no one – not even the band – is quite sure how to pin it down with a single soundbyte, which especially rings true for their new concert film Inni.

Inni was filmed over the course of two nights in November 2008, and the film is mostly live footage with tiny vignettes between each song that include awkward and humorous interviews with the band, and very early footage of the band reaching all the way back to the mid 90’s.  With many of their songs reaching past ten minutes with sweeping dives, skyscraping crescendos, and walls of fuzz – this is an act that requires some patience and an open mind for newcomers.  Needless to say, fans of the band will eat this up-and in my opinion will be best enjoyed on the big screen.  While the crowd is rarely shown throughout the live footage, the focus is clearly on four men making some wonderful noise.  I really couldn’t tell you the name of one Sigur Rós song but I found the experience of watching Inni to be hypnotic, captivating and majestic.  My only gripe is that the film clocked in at around 75 minutes leaving me desperate for more!

4 stars out of 5…


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One Comment on “83. Sigur Rós presents “Inni””

  1. November 23, 2011 at 3:45 pm #

    Can’t wait to see it! I love Sigur Ros!

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