80. Vibrations

A few months ago I ran across a youtube video featuring a trailer for amovie called Vibrations starring James Marshall and Christina Applegate.  It involved cheesy music, James as a homeless bum, and robots.  I felt like my eyes were deceiving me, or perhaps it was a joke, or perhaps I was dreaming.  But I wasn’t dreaming.  I saw Vibrations and courtesy of Netflix you can too.

James Marshall stars as T.J., a young and ambitious musician who is dreaming of hitting it big by conquering the local Philadelphia rock scene in his first steps to superstardom.   With a trusted girlfriend and a supportive father – T.J. appears to have it all in his favor.  One night on the way to a gig he misses a turn and ends up in the backwoods being antagonized by a group of hillbillies.  The drunk rednecks get out of control and crush T.J.’s car with a bulldozer and severes T.J.’s hands in the process.  He wakes up in the hospital devastated and depressed, and eventually flees his hometown and ends up as a homeless drunk in New York City.  You may wonder how it could possibly get better than this. It does…

As T.J. wonders the streets begging for change to finance his booze, he passes out in an abandoned warehouse.  He wakes up to a giant rave full of thumping bass and drums and kids on ecstacy.  He meets a rave girl named Anamika (Christina Applegate) who takes T.J. in from the streets and after a few misunderstandings is able to rehabilitate him from his addiction.  Better yet, Anamika’s neighbors are pretty smart people and devise an invention that will let T.J. play programmed prosthetic hands that will perform the music he composes.

After pulling a few strings, T.J.  gets a shot to perform at the rave… and shows up with a full robot suit under the moniker “Cyberstorm” and brings down the house.  As “Cyberstorm” becomes a smash hit, a tour ensues and T.J. must confront the life he left behind when his tour’s final stop rolls into his old hometown with his family he left behind and the hooligans that severed his hands.

Describing this film really does not do it justice, as it really has to be seen to be believed.  The trailer online looked absolutely ridiculous but after consuming the entirety of this film it is actually quite enjoyable and oddly visionary.  The story is still incredibly outrageous and at times downright silly and unbelievable, but Marshall and Applegate must be commended for keeping straight faces during some of these scenes.  Who knew that just ten years later thousands of people would be showing up to watch people dressed as robots perform techno music?  Admittedly, the music in Vibrations is not anywhere in the same league of Daft Punk… or the same league, or the same sport…you get the point…

The survey says 3.5 stars out of 5…and to invite friends over with alcohol for this one.


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