61. She’s Having a Baby

When I was a little boy, I watched Ferris Bueller’s Day Off atleast 150 times on VHS which meant I watched the preceding trailer for the next logical John Hughes vehicle, She’s Having a Baby just as many times.

The film begins as Jake (Kevin Bacon) bids farewell to his bachelorhood by marrying his high school sweetheart Kristy (Elizabeth McGovern) and assuming full responsibility as a well meaning adult.  His smarmy friend (Alec Baldwin) warns him that he doesn’t have to get married and reminds him of the tempting opportunities of life as a single man.  As the years wear on he deals with common adult conflicts like doing what you absolutely hate in order to afford your desired life while ignoring your passions and dreams, all the while having your individuality threatened by dissolving into suburban malaise.  Jake attempts to shake off the advances of his dream girl while his wife Kristy constantly complains and rides him relentlessly.

What was so frustrating about this film is that the first 45 minutes or so are executed with trademark John Hughes charm and witty dialogue, but the comedy recedes into a slog of a film that has little direction, heart, or intrigue.  I was twiddling my thumbs and fighting off the urge to grab the ipad before it was all over.  Based on my recollection, trying to conceive a child was not even mentioned until 90 minutes into the film.  I am a huge John Hughes fan, but am completely confused as to where he wanted this film to go after it is brilliantly set up at the beginning.  Kevin Bacon’s performance is forgettable and Elizabeth McGovern is just plain annoying as a nagging and demanding wife.  John Hughes undoubtedly proved himself as a modern day Shakespeare when it came to 80’s teenage angst but this venture into blooming adulthood is overall disappointing and unrewarding.

2 stars out of 5


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