58. Crazy Stupid Love

Steve Carell stars in Crazy Stupid Love as Cal, who is just dumped by his wife (Julianne Moore) of 20 years and left to pick up the pieces by himself.  Cal is mild mannered with an extremely out of date fashion sense and has no clue how to charm women until he meets Jacob (Ryan Gosling), a handsome and self assured womanizer who takes Cal under his wing.  Once Cal finds out about his wife’s affair with a co-worker (Kevin Bacon), his insecurities begin to undermine his efforts to move on.

As Jacob helps resuscitate Cal’s mojo with new clothing, and a more  stylish hairdo, Cal slowly begins to figure out how to pick up women which leads to a hilarious one night stand with the attractive but tee-totaling Kate (Marisa Tomei) among others.  To further complicate Cal’s predicament he must deal his children’s 17-year old babysitter (Analeigh Tipton) that has a mad crush on him.  As Cal navigates his exciting new life, Jacob finally meets his match with an ambitious and clever law student (Emma Stone) and is so smitten that he ditches his womanizing ways to seriously pursue her.  As Cal and Jacob’s friendship begins to subside, they both must figure out if they can truly change their ways and adapt to their new lifestyles.

Crazy Stupid Love offers one of Steve Carell’s better roles since The 40 Year Old Virgin (not saying much I guess), and every scene with Marisa Tomei is wonderfully funny.  Kevin Bacon and Analeigh Tipton are also on point while Ryan Gosling is as smooth and suave as ever.  This film has its share of true laugh out loud moments but I found the overall plot strained and uneven with the ending totally contrived.  All blemishes aside, Crazy Stupid Love is still an enjoyable romantic comedy.

3 stars out of 5 because I’m feeling nice today.


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