52. Wild Things

For years and years I’ve heard people drop references to the late 90’s hit Wild Things, and I finally understand all the fuss.

Matt Dillon stars as Sam Lombardo, a popular high school counselor who is accused of raping a high school girl (Denise Richards) from a prominent and affluent Miami family.  As a hard nosed detective (Kevin Bacon) searches for the truth, another girl Suzie (Neve Campbell) comes forward with a very similar story and accuses Dillon of raping her as well.  Dillon goes on to hire a shady wise cracking attorney (Bill Murray) who ends up making Suzie fall apart on the witness stand, as the girls accusations end up being completely false.  As the girl’s family settles with Sam at the tune of $8.5 Million, the detectives involved become highly suspicious of the circumstances surrounding the trial and settlement.  From there, the suspicions are validated as a twisted trail of money, group sex, and murder is unveiled.  Can we say “hell yeah”?

For all of its weaknesses such as Denise Richards’ terrible acting and many plot twists that approach complete satire at the end, Wild Things is a fun ride for the most part.  Bill Murray is dry, sarcastic, and hilarious as usual, and Matt Dillon and Kevin Bacon are both as effective as they can be in their roles.  Gratuitous and indulgent but never dull, Wild Things is completely a guilty pleasure.  Like when I sing “Teenage Dirtbag” at full volume in my car.

The survey says…4 stars out of 5…


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