51. Cop Out

Starring Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan as two New York City cops, Cop Out is a disastrous waste of time.  The first film Kevin Smith has directed but not written is so forgettable and mindless that I begged for it to end.  The plot is based on Willis’s plans to sell an extremely valuable baseball card to pay for his daughter’s outlandish wedding, until it is stolen by an idiotic thief (Sean William Scott) and inevitably winds up in the hands of a ruthless crime mobster (Guillermo Diaz) who collects baseball memorabilia.  Sounds like a great awful time doesn’t it?

Kevin Smith’s films are usually hit and miss with me, and this one might be my least favorite of them all.  If you want a great Bruce Willis cop movie with a perfect balance of humor and action, check out Die Hard With a Vengeance and forget this film exists.  Atleast Jason Lee had a humorous but brief role.  1.5 stars out of 5.


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