48. A Fish Called Wanda

John Cleese writes and stars in A Fish Called Wanda, a hilarious film about a jewel heist gone terribly wrong.  Two American con-artists and lovers, Wanda (Jamie Lee Curtis) and Otto (Kevin Kline) join a notorious English gangster George (Tom Georgeson) and his stuttering henchman Ken (Michael Palin) to rob a bank, only to have it foiled by an old lady walking her dogs as the only witness.  Wanda and Otto rat out George and attempt to recover the loot, but it has mysteriously vanished.  As Wanda attempts to seduce George’s lawyer Archie (Cleese) in order to find the jewels, Ken also tries to knock off the old lady, as she is the only witness to the crime-which all results in sidesplitting laughter.  As the web gets increasingly tangled, it’s a race for the prize till the very end.

I can’t put in words how much I loved this film, and have no idea how to justify how funny it was.  I laughed so hard towards the end I could barely breathe!  If you haven’t seen this movie, I don’t want to spoil any of it for you-but I do beg you to check it out.  While Kevin Kline deservedly won an Oscar for Supporting Actor in this role, Michael Palin was a total riot and my personal favorite part of the film.  Between Kline’s disdain for the English and Palin’s stammering, I was reduced to tears from laughter.  Without a doubt one of the f-f-f-f-ffffffunniest movies I’ve ever seen.  Go get it.

The survey says 5 stars out of 5.


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