LOST – Mokule’ia Beach

As LOST begins and Jack runs out of the bamboo fields-he comes to the site of the horrific crash of Oceanic 815.  In the real world, this beach is known as Mokule’ia Beach on the north shore of Oahu, and good news – anyone can go visit it because all beaches are public property on Oahu, baby!  This specific beach was used throughout filming during the series.

What struck me like a punch to the stomach is that the beach is literally RIGHT on the road.  You would never know from the angles the show used during filming, but I was astonished as I glanced back and forth between screenshots and real life.  I figured it would take a little hike to get there, but alas, the dream is shattered again.  Quite a bummer to think Locke and Walt play backgammon a few feet from a parking lot.  Even more interesting is that Dharmaville is just a mile down the road!

Also of interest on the beach is the tree where Christian Shepard appears to Jack, as you can see in the distance below.


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