p90x results

I wasn’t going to post this, but what the hell…

Back in February I began the much advertised p90x workout program.  While I admit I did NOT adhere strictly to the diet, I behaved myself pretty well given that during this 90 days I completed every single workout, and this was with my bachelor party, a business trip to New York, and my wedding weekend AND honeymoon in Hawaii.  In this 90 days I learned just how important it is to plan ahead and just how much of an effect  healthy eating impacts results with fitness.  Here’s the photographic proof, and probably the ONLY time I ever post a picture of me posing with a shirt off.

So, as you can see I shed a little weight in the middle and the arms are more defined, but my back definitely developed the best throughout the program.  I recorded my numbers of reps for all the workouts and here are a few very encouraging numbers.

In Week #1 during the Chest and Back workout I completed 15 pull-ups over the course of 6 sets.  By week 12 I was consistently doing 20 pull-ups with just ONE set, and nearly 140 pull-ups throughout the entire Legs and Back routine!  While the first month of p90x was total hell, it was completely worth it when I hit the third month and my numbers began to soar beyond my wildest imagination.

I planned on completing another round of p90x this summer but have had quite a bit of trouble with my back.  I’m finally back to a place where I can workout again and just completed my first full week of workouts on another round, minus the ab ripper ’cause my back is still a little tweaky.  I am aiming to complete one more round before p90x2 comes out this fall.  I did not record my weight at all, but I doubt there was much of a change.

Anyway, have any of you readers done the program? What did you think?


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