Ferris Bueller’s Day Off – Cameron Goes Berzerk

“He’s always been a little keyed up.  I just wanted to give him a good day.”

In perhaps the moment that reveals the true nature of the film, Sloan massages Cameron’s forehead as he lies in a catatonic state and Ferris speaks to the audience and we learn that Ferris’s true intentions of the day were just to give Cameron a good time.  Sure, they go out and tear up the town but Cameron had reached an undeniably dark period in his life where his family’s disregard for him had reached an unhealthy point.  Cameron is on the edge and he finally loses it, but luckily his best friend Ferris is there to support him and make sure he gets through this rough period in his life.  It’s a touching moment and an emotional high point of the movie.

If you’d like to visit this particular filming location, you’re in luck because its public property baby!  It’s just a non de-script park at the very end of Park Avenue in Glencoe with a towering view of Lake Michigan.  The benches are screwed down in the exact same position as they were during filming in 1985.  You can even pinpoint the exact rock Cameron lays his head on, just like I did.  I am pretty sure it was close to single digit temperatures on this day, so you might want to visit in the summer.


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