Elvis Presley’s Graceland

Welcome to the wonderful, fabulous, iconic Graceland, home to Elvis Aaron Presley from 1957 until his death in 1977.

The front of the mansion looks just as it did in the 70’s, when it graced the cover of Elvis, Recorded Live on Stage in Memphis – an incredible live album you should all own if you don’t already!

Entering into the foyer, the living room is directly on the right with a long white couch and lavish decorations.  Turning back through the foyer is the dining room which has a really cool portrait of Priscilla and Lisa Marie.

From the front door you can look straight up the front stairs (above) which leads to Elvis’s room where he passed away, and nope, none of us can go up there.  Straight ahead in the foyer is Elvis’ parents room.  I have to give it to Elvis-if I had a gazillion dollars I’d probably buy my parents their own house instead of giving them a permanent residence next to my living room.  (sorry Mom and Dad)

After you wind through the kitchen you’ll find the Jungle Room that comes pimped out with a custom waterfall and lots of plush furniture and shag carpet from head to toe!  Heading downstairs into the basement, you will find Elvis’s entertainment room which proudly displays 3 televisions (he heard the President watched all 3 networks at the same time and had to do the same) and a bangin’ hi-fi system with a sampling of Elvis’ large record collection.  Conveniently next to the TV room is the billiard room with a pool table and sitting area.  It boggles the mind to think of all the people who must have played a round down here!

As the tour leads outside onto the back patio you can get a glimpse of the Colonel’s Office where all the business went down.

Also outside is the Racquetball Building which contains a lounge and racquetball court which Elvis personally designed and oversaw construction.  The court is now a large Trophy Room and holds many gold records, trophies, and various other awards.  As the legend goes, Elvis sang “Unchained Melody” in the racquetball lounge to a few friends on the day he died.

The final stop on the Graceland tour (below) is the Meditation Garden where Elvis is buried with his parents and fans can pay their respects to the final Presley resting place.   There is also a small memorial to Elvis’s identical twin brother Jesse, who died during birth.

I must highly recommend dropping by Graceland for any fan of music or pop culture.  It’s a sight to be seen.  Don’t forget…Elvis lives!!!


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