Rise and shine campers, it’s “Groundhog Day”

Contrary to popular belief, the 1993 smash comedy Groundhog Day was not filmed in its setting of Punxsutawney, PA it was actually filmed 50 miles northwest of Chicago in Woodstock, IL.  I recently traveled to Woodstock in search of these famous filming locations and here’s what I found…

The majority of exteriors were filmed in and around the historic town square.  The courtyard which lies in the middle is home to the Groundhog ceremony and the giant gazebo where Phil and Rita slow dance.  Surrounding the courtyard are many obvious locations such as the Tic Toc Café, which is now a gyro joint.  One of the surprising things about Woodstock is that they have almost nearly EVERY filming location marked with a plaque!

Perhaps the most notorious location is Ned’s corner where Ned Ryerson relentlessly hounds Phil into buying insurance with many hilarious outcomes, which usually ends with Phil stepping into a giant puddle.

The Pennsylvania Hotel (which is actually an Opera House) is also a stone’s throw from the park.  The Opera House is also the tower where Phil commits suicide.

 Also downtown is the movie theatre (below) where “Bronco” takes his lady out on a date.

South of downtown you will find Phil’s Bed and Breakfast “the Cherry Street Inn” at 344 Fremont Street which in real life is the Royal Victorian Manor, and you can stay for a night yourself at a reasonable fee-however interiors were filmed at an another unknown location to me.  Shucks.

  Also on the same street is Phil’s Piano teacher’s house.

As for the ravine Phil drives off after kidnapping the groundhog, it is an actual quarry but I was unable to visit due to time constraints.  I was also unable to get into the bowling alley and the Moose Lodge where the Groundhog Ball was held.  Guess I’ll have to hit those next time.

If you love Groundhog Day, I highly suggest checking the area out although I would wait till the winter months for the proper ambience.  Don’t forget your booties cause it’s cold out there! Happy Groundhog Day!


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One Comment on “Rise and shine campers, it’s “Groundhog Day””

  1. Trent Bowman
    September 14, 2011 at 2:51 pm #

    Hey, Brad, my name’s Trent, I was there that day with my buddy, Aaron. Nice pics, nice site!

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