Deputy Andy Brennan’s Greatest Hits

Twin Peaks carried a gigantic ensemble cast throughout its run.  Characters like Special Agent Dale Cooper, Leland Palmer, The Log Lady, Leo Johnson, etc. made a huge impact on the show casting a long shadow but due to a wonderful writing team, there was still abundant room for other characters to shine.  However, if you think about it,  there’s only one character of them all that displays a true vulnerability, one Deputy Andy Brennan.  Gently portrayed by the wonderful Harry Goaz (my absolute dream Twin Peaks interview) Deputy Andy has a heart of gold and proudly displays his unflinching love for Lucy Moran, even if the circumstances surrounding her pregnancy are suspect.  With so many memorable characters,  Deputy Andy rises above the rest as Twin Peaks’ model citizen… and not to mention saves the day a few times.

Let’s take a look at my Top 5 moments of good ol’ Andy.

#5.  “Jai une ame solitaire”

It’s a typical day for Andy Brennan getting lunch at the Double R Diner… he mutters to himself “jai une ame solitaire” a few times, and the eavesdropping Donna Heyward notices.  After badgering Andy about it, he reveals that it was written in Harold Smith’s suicide note, and Donna realizes that Mrs. Tremond’s son had also uttered the same phrase to her.  The coincidence quickly leads Donna and Agent Cooper to the missing pages of Laura Palmer’s diary.  Andy Brennan 1, Dale Cooper 0.

#4.  “It’s Not a Puzzle at All”

If not for Deputy Andy, many of the events in the last few episodes might not have happened.  As Agent Cooper, Sheriff Truman and the deputies explore Owl Cave and study its petroglyph, they are clueless as to its meaning until Andy swings his pick axe at an owl and accidentally uncovers an entire new dimension of the map.  After transcribing the petroglyph to the police chalkboard, he discovers its actually a map leading straight to the Black Lodge-and never even receives a proper thank you.  Somebody give this guy a raise, or Annie Blackburn gets it!  Andy Brennan 2, Dale Cooper 0.

#3.  “A whole damn town”

During Season 1, Andy finds out that his longtime love Lucy is pregnant…but as far as Andy knows he is sterile!  Andy presses on and does not give up until later in Season 2 when the doctor informs him “you’re not just three guys on a fishing trip, you’re a whole damn town”.  Andy celebrates and screams out “I’m a whole damn town?!!!…..WOOOO!!!” in one of the funniest and heartwarming moments of the series.

#2.  Andy saves Truman’s Life

During the last episode of Season 1, Agent Cooper lays the bait for suspected murderer Jacques Renault, and the Twin Peaks Sheriff’s Department goes in for the kill.  As a couple of inept deputies try to subdue the bulging drug mule, he overpowers the police and is about to shoot the Sheriff until one lone shot rings out… and Deputy Andy pops a cap into Jacques before he can shoot Truman.  Give the guy another raise!

#1.  “It’s Agent Rosenflower!!!”

During the Season 2 premiere, Agent Cooper lies in his hotel room shot and bleeding as the Giant tells him he missed a clue at Leo’s House.  As Cooper and the boys go to Leo’s to investigate, the trail goes cold until Andy notices the coarse and wise-ass Special Agent Albert Rosenfield arriving.  Andy runs to the house to inform Cooper screaming “it’s Agent Rosenflower!!!!!!” before stepping right on to a loose board as it flies straight up into his face.  As Andy staggers and the audience howls in enjoyment, Cooper notices a huge freaking bag of cocaine hidden under the board.  Seriously, where would Cooper be without Andy…I guess still stuck in the Black Lodge.  Andy Brennan 3, Dale Cooper 0.

As you can see, Deputy Andy is the unsung hero of the entire series.  Without Andy, Cooper never solves the case or even comes close to finding Glastonberry Grove.  I’d like to think Andy goes on to become the Sheriff someday and has many kids with Lucy were the show to continue.  Hell, Andy probably ends up rescuing Cooper out of the Black Lodge, he obviously can’t do much else on his own 🙂

As for the man behind the magic – Harry Goaz has recently appeared in a few independent films as of late such as Deadroom and Saint Nick, as well as the new Clay Liford film Earthing, available now on iTunes!


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5 Comments on “Deputy Andy Brennan’s Greatest Hits”

  1. July 23, 2011 at 9:34 am #

    This was an incredible blog. So interesting and all around great. I really enjoyed reading it.

  2. July 23, 2011 at 10:09 am #

    Deputy Andy was one of the greatest characters on Twin Peaks. My wife and I still often call across the house, “I’m a whole damn town!” I was re-watching the series in preparation for the fest and had forgotten how brilliantly funny the “Agent Rosenflower” sceen was.

    There is one moment I think that deserves to make the list. When Dept. Andy radios Lucy from the train car and tells her to tell Sheriff Truman that he didn’t cry. In a show full of over the top emotional displays this moment was one of the most genuine scenes in the whole series. We still can’t watch it without the ole’ heartstrings getting tugged at. Great article!

  3. July 24, 2011 at 2:13 am #

    Great article! I love Andy Brennan. 🙂

  4. José Martínez
    October 26, 2011 at 5:31 pm #

    Great!! I love Deputy Andy. Greettings from Spain to Twin Peaks fan’s and Harry Goaz fans.


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