Home Alone Filming Locations

This particular entry won’t win me any cool points, but I defy any other 30 year old to say they didn’t love Home Alone at some time during their youth.  In my humble opinion, its still good for many laughs…like “I believe ya…but my tommy gun don’t!!…

Like most other films written by John Hughes, it is written and filmed in the Chicagoland area.

I am pretty sure that nearly all exteriors for Home Alone were filmed in Winnetka, Illinois, a northern Chicago suburb.  While visiting the McAllister house, there were already people there taking pictures in front of it.  I believe it is now for sale and it sits just as it did more than 20 years ago during filming.  I’ve also read that there were some interiors filmed here as well, at least in the kitchen scenes.  I recommend going during the winter, as it fits the ambience of the film exactly.

Right across the street from the McAllister House is the Murphy House (I think it’s theirs?) which is also robbed by the Wet Bandits before almost running over Kevin.


A few blocks over in the actual town of Winnetka you can find the park where the policeman chases Kevin (above), as well as the bridge over the train tracks he escapes over (below).  The drugstore where Kevin accidentally steals a toothbrush is now a Panera Bread.

The next time I’m in the neighborhood I’ll make sure to track down the rest of the locations, like the churches, etc.

Tune in next week for many more filming locations, movie reviews and a very special Twin Peaks cast member interview.  Have a great weekend.


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