30. Tron

I found Tron: Legacy to be quite satisfying earlier this year and was eager to see the original.  I’d always heard about it over the years but the dvd was out of print and sky high on ebay, so I waited for the reissue.

Jeff Bridges stars as Kevin Flynn, a talented computer programmer who gets transported into a computer system and held captive while forced to compete in matches of extreme pong and other assorted video games.  He makes a few friends and destroys some computer programs but I really can’t be sure if there was much more to the plot as I didn’t understand much else that was going on.  In fact, the storytelling was so awful I was begging for this film to end.  I almost feel bad to trash this film due to its revolutionary graphics and rabid cult following, but it was a punishing watch.  Initially a great idea but poor execution all around.

The survey says…2 stars out of 5 (props for the unprecedented graphics and effects-but not much else)


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One Comment on “30. Tron”

  1. Keith McConnell
    January 12, 2012 at 12:31 pm #

    I loved this movie when I was a kid, but I am afraid to watch it now for the fear of realizing it is not very good.

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