Dana Barrett’s Apartment Building a.k.a “Spook Central”

The first stop on my inaugural Ghostbusters filming location tour was Dana Barrett’s apartment building, also known as “Spook Central” and the home of the Ghostbusters epic battle with Gozar the Gozarian and the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.

I’ve always found this building to look so draconian and unique in its design and it was easily the location I was most excited to see.  After 5 previous trips to New York, I’m amazed I had never seen it till now.  My parents might never have dragged me away from it when I was little…

I was walking down Central Park West and came to a slow and painful realization that the building is undergoing repairs and many of the intriguing parts of the building were covered with icky scaffolding.

   Regardless, I snapped some photos and stared up in awe at the iconic building.  I also couldn’t help but look back down the street towards Columbus Circle and imagine the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man stomping down the street.  The church that he crushes is also located right next to the apartment building-and is still in fine shape.

Also of note is that right across the street is the former site of Tavern on the Green located on the edge of Central Park.  This is where Louis Tully flees in terror only to be caught by the Gatekeeper.

Unfortunately the restaurant closed a couple of years ago, but the building sits just as it used to during filming in 1983 aside from some pesky storage sheds that have been placed to the side.

Dana’s Apartment Building is located at 55 Central Park West, and Tavern on the Green is right across the street.  Happy Ghostbusting!


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