I was driving down the road today listening to some songs that will be on the upcoming Brad D record and decided it’s time to let go.  The first 5 songs on the record are done and have sort of been sitting around for almost the last year while I decide how to finish the rest of the album.  It’s actually weighed pretty heavy on me that I haven’t been able to bring this project full circle yet, but I think releasing them now will be beneficial and therapeutic, plus I want people to hear these songs.

If you are friends with me, its quite possible you are on this record.  Almost every bit of the songs are sample-based with absolutely no live instrumentation from me (aside from a little drum programming)…so check it out, you might hear yourself somewhere along the way.

So, the bottom line is…Century City, Part 1 drops digitally (for free, my gift to you) next Thursday, June 23rd on my thirtieth birthday.  5 songs, roughly thirty minutes I think.  I better get to mastering…


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One Comment on “Onward”

  1. June 15, 2011 at 8:53 pm #

    you are awesome. i am glad you are releasing this awesome music. you rock…but you already know this. 😉

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