Waimea Falls

Welcome to Wai-meia Falls, home to a few LOST scenes which are stuck in our memories for varying reasons.  We first see the Falls when Kate and Sawyer go for a leisurely swim in the First Season only to find a briefcase full of guns.  You will also remember that when Jack and friends return to the Island in Season 5, Hurley and Kate wind up in the water of the Falls.  The area is just as beautiful in real life and basically had no set dressings, just clever camera angles to disguise the hiking path.

Also of note in this area, part of the parking lot for the Falls was used for the scenes in which Locke and Boone discover a plane full of drugs, and where the plane falls off the cliff with Boone inside.  I was amazed and didn’t quite believe it until I found the screencaps to match.


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