The Real Dharmaville

Welcome to Camp Erdman, which to us LOST fanatics means the real world location of Dharmaville (!!!).

With so many crucial scenes going down in Dharmaville throughout LOST, it was easily one  of the locations I was most excited to see.  It sits just as it did on the show with really no changes since filming.

All exteriors were filmed here, with interiors done on soundstages-except for the infirmary/greeting room show below.  I couldn’t help but gaze up at the mountain above the cabins and imagine Oceanic 815 breaking apart before my very eyes.

During the show, Dharmaville seems like it is off on its own in the middle of the island-only accessible by a pain in the ass hike all the while avoiding the smoke monster.  I will admit it was quite sobering being able to drive straight up to the site with the road sitting just out of most camera views during the show, as seen below.

Also very surprising to me was the fact that the camp is perhaps a half-mile or so from the beach where the crash scenes were filmed for the pilot episode.

While you can visit Camp Erdman and live out your earthly LOST fantasies, it will cost you a $5 donation to take pictures (just avoid snapping photos of the kids).  Unfortunately Benjamin Linus was nowhere to be found.

my best kate impression…


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