18. Dazed and Confused

Chalk up another movie review under the “WTF? You haven’t seen this?” column…

I finally saw Dazed and Confused at the insistence of my little brother this past weekend.  It’s the last day of school in 1976 and the incoming high school seniors are giving absolute hell to the incoming freshmen.  One of the head stoner’s plans to throw a bash while his parents are out of town is thwarted by said parents which leaves a bunch of kids with nothing to do but ride around and cause a bunch of trouble.

There really isn’t a whole lot more to this movie other than Ben Affleck perfectly cast as an overgrown baby bent on hazing poor freshmen with his custom made paddle.  Matthew McConaughey is also amusing as the eternally flunking senior (otherwise known as “that guy”) who boasts “I keep getting older, and they (girls) stay the same”.  I also really enjoyed Wiley Wiggins’ (wow, that kid looked JUST like a little Tim Lincecum) role as the smooth and spunky freshman who is able to charm the seniors with his wit and attitude after being pummeled with their paddles.

While Dazed and Confused is a simply fun and nostalgic movie, it contains all of the stereotypes one has to deal with in high school which makes it timeless and entirely relatable to anyone.  I am sure that with repeated viewings the film becomes funnier over time, but on the first round I was a little underwhelmed given the surrounding hype.  However, it isn’t like I’d expect anyone to watch Office Space one time and appreciate every little quote and nuance.

The survey says…3 stars out of 5 (for now atleast)


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