17. Say Anything

Yes, that’s right.  I’ve never seen Say Anything…

In this film written and directed by Cameron Crowe, John Cusack plays Lloyd Dobler, who is graduating high school and is totally smitten with the gorgeous but insecure valedictorian Diane Court (Ione Skye).

After a chance meeting at the mall, Lloyd asks Diane out after graduation and convinces her to attend a party with him.  After submitting to Lloyd’s insistence on a date, Diane flips through her yearbook to figure out just who he is.  As Lloyd and Diane arrive at the party, Diane is distant but is eventually attracted to Lloyd’s sense of humor and charm.  They return home in the morning, which was apparently just fine with Diane’s father and creepy best friend played by John Mahoney.

Sure enough, Diane falls for Lloyd and gives in to her desires while he teaches her to drive a stick shift and a roller coaster romance begins.  To complicate things, Diane is awarded a national scholarship and is scheduled to fly to university in Europe at the end of the summer.  Lloyd must also contend with Diane’s father who is none too impressed with Lloyd’s aspirations of a professional kickboxing career.

As Diane struggles with her impending move to Europe and her father’s tax troubles, she breaks up with Lloyd who must scramble to save their relationship by any means necessary.  Ultimately it is up to Diane whether to choose between her father’s wishes of her success or the love and safety she feels with Lloyd.

Released in 1989, Say Anything… is an uplifting and refreshing farewell to a decade of iconic teen movies.  As Lloyd defiantly lifts his boombox to blast Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes”, you can’t help but want to pump your fists and cheer him on.

The survey says…4.5 stars


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