The Real Ghostbusters Headquarters

Walking around New York City  you see a lot of firehouses, and during my New York jaunt I saw quite a few that could be easily confused as the actual Ghostbusters headquarters.  However, the “real” one is located on the lower west side of Manhattan in Tribeca at 14 N. Moore Street.

This place has held a special place in my heart ever since I was a kid.  I spent many an afternoon with my Ghostbusters action figures and the firehouse play set conjuring up my own adventures and the many defeats of the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man.  Too bad they never made Gozar.

above: my inner 6 year old DYING from excitement

Anyways, the building is still in use by the Fire Department of New York and is known as Hook  & Ladder 8 in the non-fictional world.  According to stories online they still have a sign from Ghostbusters 2 inside, but the doors were closed during my visit.  A mural on the sidewalk still pays tribute to the Ghostbusters films.  Also of note is that only the exteriors were filmed at this particular location.  All interiors were filmed at a separate firehouse far away in Los Angeles.


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