14. Jackass 3-D

Needless to say, if you’ve seen the Jackass series on MTV or any of the following 2 films, you know what you’re getting into.  While I found the television series quite entertaining for the most part, most interest had waned by the time I failed to complete watching Jackass 2 a few years back.  Some friends of mine wanted to watch Jackass 3:D on a road trip during my bachelor party, so I gave it a fair shot.

Almost the entire gang is back (though I didn’t see Raab Himself- and Rake Yohn still looks terrifying) and they somehow attempt to top all of their stunts before.  Repeating many worn out themes were Preston Kelly chasing Wee Man, groin shots galore, and in a grand finale, Steve-O is shot a hundred feet in the air inside a bungee corded (and full of excrement) port-a-potty.

One of the few repeated pranks that always entertains me is the perpetual terrorization of Bam Margera’s parents April and Phil.  As Chris Pontius dresses up as a wild gorilla, the parents Margera flip their lids in horror as their hotel room is savagely trashed.  Phil also goes through further abuse by having Wee Man’s hands super-glued to his extremely hairy chest.

Aside from wrecking jet skis and dressing up as offensive elderly people, the Jackass crew aims for a completely gruesome and disgusting display, where Steve-O drinks a cocktail of human sweat which even made the cameramen lose their lunch.

While I enjoyed a few true laughs from Jackass 3:D, I can’t give it much of a recommendation.  Some people will be absolutely disgusted by this film, and even I had to look away from the screen to prevent vomiting at times.  I also can’t imagine actually watching this film in 3-D with all the acts of urination and excrement flying around.  Johnny Knoxville and friends seemed to have a good time as ever making Jackass 3:D, but I must assume it was because they have nothing else better to do.

1.5 stars out of 5



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