#1. Tron:Legacy

For my first film selection of 100 this year, I saw Tron:Legacy in 3-D. I unfortunately never saw the original Tron (due to Disney being idiots and keeping the original dvd version out of print), but for all the hype surrounding the original score by Daft Punk and the eye-popping visuals, I just had to experience the spectacle.

For all of us newbies, the film sets up the backstory for us in an easily digestable prologue where Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) more or less builds a digital universe and becomes trapped within it. Kevin spends the next 20 years M.I.A. and his son Sam (Garrett Hedlund) inherits his missing father’s company and is eventually summoned to the portal where he can enter the digital universe and perhaps bring his father back to the real world.
Along the way he meets a sexy female program named Quorra played by Olivia Wilde and they battle the rogue program Clu (also played by a younger looking Jeff Bridges) as he attempts to escape the digital world into mother Earth and possibly conquer that world too. The film is packed with stunning action sequences with motorcycles, disc fights and beautifully digitized scenery.
The digital effects were stunning and the 3-D presentation was exquisite, as was the original score by Daft Punk who make a quick cameo. I was a little confused during a couple of the plot lines and will have to rifle through wikipedia to put together a few loose ends. Overall it was a very fun time and I’m glad I could catch it on the big screen in all its glory. I don’t believe a home theatre could truly do this movie justice and capture such a grand experience.
The survey says….3.5 stars out of 5

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