Buzzard Bluff

Welcome to Buzzard Bluff, which sits atop Roane Mountain in Harriman, TN. Back in the 70’s (and probably still ittermittently) hanggliders would launch off of it and sail down to a field that is shown below. I read online that the hanggliders association used to pay for the upkeep of the road that leads to the bluff, but that they quit paying years and years ago which explains its dillapidated state.

My mom grew up in this town and said someone was once executed up there and found tied to a tree. I looked around at all the trees and wondered which one it could have been. For years and years I thought about this place and even wrote a song about it. Luckily this summer my Uncle Chuck drove me up there to check it out. It’s a weird little place.
I don’t know what goes on there now. Judging by all the beer cans and cigarette butts and other assorted litter, I assume it’s a hoppin’ place to party on the weekends, although I definitely wouldn’t want to run into the wrong person up there as its a 15 minute drive up and down a very rocky and worn path. I can’t help but want to go up there at night and see what goes on.
Here’s a deserted radio tower below which sits on the road to the bluff. I thought it was pretty cool and creepy looking. I could only imagine it was still broadcasting some crazy signals.

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