fall be kind

i’m really glad fall has arrived in TN, it was a long, brutally hot summer and i’m ready for the next season of life. i put the finishing touches (for now) on a brand new track. pretty sure it will be track 8 (of 10) on the next record. speaking of that, i think it will finally see release early next year. i want to put together a few more songs to choose from, but the seven that are in the can are my best yet, and totally different than what i’ve done before, so that’s quite exciting. i just need one more big spark to get to the finish line. that’s it i guess, just feel like rambling. heading to L.A. on thursday for the big Twin Peaks cast reunion and to track down a few more T.P. filming sites (among other fun sites). i think i have finally tracked down Dead Dog Farm, but I can’t be 100% sure till i’m there. I will have as many photos of the cast and the filming sites that I think will be interesting enough to post, so prepare yourselves. before i go to L.A. i’m catching the National here in Nashville tomorrow night and then Sleigh Bells and LCD Soundsystem in Hotlanta Monday night. exciting amirite?? bye for now.


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One Comment on “fall be kind”

  1. October 4, 2010 at 3:14 pm #

    Cannot wait for photos. Just finished up my Gold Box Edition at home. I almost forgot about Billy Zane being in there. (He's a cool dude.) Have fun in Cali!

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