hips like cinderella

I was very fortunate to see the Pixies live and in person at the Ryman here in Nashville last Saturday. Rather than write a sappy blog about how much their music has meant to me, I’ll give you 5 reasons why it was such an unforgettable night.

1. They played their 1989 classic Doolittle in its entirety. While predictable, I got to hear “La La Love You” and “There Goes My Gun” which I’ve never heard live before.
2. Kim Deal’s smile lit up the room for the entire night. She seemed so genuinely happy to be there and it made me so thankful that these guys still play music together.
3. They played 2 of my personal favorite songs which I totally did not expect them to play in the second encore with “Allison” and the rarely played “Dig for Fire”. I swear to God I thought to myself “I really wish they’d play those songs tonight, but they won’t” right before “Allison” kicked in. So that was awesome!
into the white

4. Quite a few rare b-sides were played, and “Into the White” closed out the first encore with so much smoke I could not see a thing on the stage. Absolutely love that song, and Kim’s vocals were perfect.
5. Few concert moments can top a crowd singing “ooh,oooh” as Black Francis strums away on “Where is My Mind”. Absolutely chilling.
Setlist below…
2nd encore (not on setlist):
A B-side I can’t remember
Dig for Fire
Where is My Mind?
The end. go see ’em if you have the means…

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One Comment on “hips like cinderella”

  1. October 14, 2010 at 12:04 pm #

    Somehow I’m just now stumbling across your blog… I absolutely love it; I wish I had been reading sooner. And I’m so happy you wrote about my beloved Pixies.-Lindsey Roberts

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